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Your passion for food has always been part of your story,

and you're finally ready to see where it leads,

but you're not quite sure how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.


Cooking is your calling or maybe you want to save the planet by changing the way we eat.

Maybe you've dreamed of opening a bakery since you were small or you want to teach others to cook healthy meals. Perhaps you long to be the next M.F.K. Fisher. Alice Waters and Michael Pollan are your idols.

You've got cookbooks on your nightstand. 

I have a feeling we'll get along really well...

Maybe you've always known that you wanted to work in food, so you jumped right in and followed your passion.

Or maybe you opted for the stable "responsible" path and went in a different direction. But now, you sit in your cubicle, stealthily browsing recipes on Pinterest, wondering if you could actually start that food truck you've been dreaming of.

You can...


And you've probably heard it a million times:

"Find your passion, and everything else will fall into place."

If only it were that simple.



You need more than passion. You need a plan. 


Creating a meaningful career  is a lot like telling a story: 


If you're not clear on the story you're telling, chances are you won't be satisfied with the outcome.

People who get ahead doing meaningful food-focused work aren't just passionate, talented, and lucky. 

They know who they are, how they want to contribute, what they have to offer, and to whom. They have the clarity, focus, and confidence they need to take strategic action, and they understand how to communicate their value so it resonates with their target audience.




Contrary to popular belief, it isn't just enough to find your passion and go for it, especially in a field with as many different opportunities as food. You need to know all kinds of other stuff about who you are, what you're good at, what's important to you, what kind of life you want to lead, and how to put together all the puzzle pieces into a story that makes sense to you and to colleagues and employers.


I'll work with you in a process that is personalized around your needs. I'll ask questions to help you establish your goals, uncover your values, and recognize your strengths, and I'll support you and hold you accountable along the way. When our work is through, you'll have new found clarity, confidence, and a plan for moving forward. 

Not bad, huh?

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You, my fine, food-loving friend are in very good company. 

A lot of people feel called to work in food, but just because food is your passion, that doesn't mean just any old food job will suit you...


I've been exactly where you are.

I won't let following your passion leave you in the weeds.

I'm here to help you direct your passion into a fulfilling career.

As an FCI-trained chef and a CTI-trained coach, I see potential everywhere (that means in you!), brainstorm like a boss, and believe there's real power in following your heart and dreaming big.

Through working with me, you'll uncover your values, discover your strengths, and establish clear goals for the food career you want. You'll overcome overwhelm and doubt, quiet self-destructive chatter, and get clear on where you're headed. You'll come away with the confidence and clarity you need to go after the food career of your dreams.

 This is me in the weeds. Photo by  Sash Manev.

This is me in the weeds. Photo by Sash Manev.


Passion, meet planning.

You two were meant for each other. 

This is what we'll cover in our work together:



Getting started

We dive deep to explore your dreams, goals, and challenges, and get a handle on what makes you tick, what's been holding you back, and where you may be getting stuck along the way.


Discover your WHY

Learn why you do what you do, what matters to you, what drives you, what is most rewarding, and what impact you want to make through your work.    



Understand your HOW

Discover your top strengths and determine the factors that affect your level of satisfaction at work. Understand what factors enable you to be at your best, and brainstorm rewarding ways to put your passion to work. 



Determine your WHAT

Using your new knowledge of your WHY and HOW, you'll research and brainstorm what sorts of entrepreneurial ventures will satisfy your needs and enable you to contribute the best of what you have to offer.  


Chart your path

With the foundations of your WHY, HOW, and WHAT all laid out, you'll be ready to set some concrete goals and get into action charting a path to where you want to go. 


Is this exactly what you need?

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How we'll work:

1. First, I'll send you a comprehensive prep-workbook full of questions to jumpstart our work together so you can start organizing your thoughts from the moment you sign up. Your answers will also help me to get to know you better and prepare us for your first session. 

2. Next, we'll meet for a 75-minute discovery session (on the phone, Skype, or in Brooklyn, if possible)  during which time we'll discuss your biggest challenges, and we'll establish goals for working together.

3. Then, we'll get to work, meeting and checking regularly (this can vary, depending on the support you need) (on the phone, Skype, or in Brooklyn) to dig deeper, tackle challenges, and keep you moving forward. After each session, we'll establish "homework", steps you can take between sessions to keep you moving forward.

4. Throughout our work, you'll get recordings of each session to keep and reflect on, and you'll have access to me for unlimited email support between sessions. 


While I do not enforce a minimum commitment, I recommend that coaching engagements last for at least 3 months. I feel this yields the best, most consistent progress and satisfaction for my clients. After an initial three months, clients often continue to work with me on an ongoing basis.  

Your investment:

My coaching packages and rates vary depending on the work you do and the kind of support you need. If you're not sure, that's something we can determine together during your consultation call(Regardless of how we work together, I charge on a monthly basis, with your first payment due upon enrollment, and subsequent payments due at the start of each month).



Who should get Career Hungry?

Career Hungry was created for current and aspiring food professionals who need help finding direction, focus, and momentum in their careers.

You’re probably a warm, thoughtful, social type who uses food as a tool to communicate with others in your life and in your community. You may be very serious about the work you want to do in the world and how you’d like it to impact others. That said, you don't take yourself too seriously. You probably pride yourself on your sense of humor, and you sure know how to have a good time. Celebration and ritual are important to you. You like laughing and making people laugh, and you want to enjoy that levity in your working environment.

I created this program for people like you who want to do meaningful, food-focused work:

  • Food Studies students and graduates.
  • Culinary school students and graduates who don't plan on taking the traditional restaurant route. Policy/Planning/Sustainability/Agriculture etc. graduates.
  • Anyone who is considering opening a food business, but hasn't yet taken the leap.

This may be for you if:

  • You want to finally get started on that business you've been dreaming of (it's not a pipe dream, in case you were worried).
  • you want to hop out of bed each day to do work that is aligned with who you are and what you care about.
  • you want to have clear career goals in mind
  • you want a supportive partner who has been where you are (that's me), whose is committed to helping you figure this whole food business thing out.

This may not be for you if:

  • you're not willing to put in the time it takes to do the assessments, exercises, and homework assignments that yield results.
  • you've already got your goals and plans all figured out, and you're only looking for logistical help with things like networking, resumes, cover letters, opportunity assessment, business entities, food-costing, legal issues, and other nitty gritty brass tacks of setting up a food businesses.
  • you're looking for very specific advice or mentorship in a particular section of the food industry.

There's no such thing as a magic bullet, but I can promise you this:

You'll get crystal clear about what you want (and what you don't), what you have to offer, and how to shout it from the rooftops so you can find and attract the opportunities that are right for you.

Sound like you?

Why Career Hungry?

Just because food is your passion, doesn't mean that any old business will suit you. Working in food can take you down a bumpy road through uncharted territory. It's important that you're in the driver's seat. Making sense of your story, your values, and your goals helps you to take the reins, map out a plan, and make clear, intentional choices at every crossroads from here on in.

What results can I expect?

As a result of working with me, my clients have:

  • Started new jobs.
  • Been accepted to graduate school.
  • Started new businesses.
  • Revamped their brands.
  • Created new services and stopped offering others.
  • Signed more clients.
  • Grown their audiences.
  • Increased their prices.
  • Been featured in Real Simple, The New York Times, 100 Layer Cake, and many more.
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From cooking teachers to caterers, chefs to nutritionists, bakers to bloggers, 

Here's what people are saying:


We're so thankful for Emily's services in helping folks navigate this growing landscape.

"Knowing you want to work in food can be both a blessing and a curse. While there is now ample opportunity that extends far beyond the kitchen, there is also no set path to follow.... We're so thankful for Emily's services in helping folks navigate this growing landscape."

-Taylor Cocalis, Founder,

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This was the best money I've spent on myself in a long time.

"Working with you gives me courage to move forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was the best money I've spent on myself in a long time." 

- Elizabeth Scalia, Career Changer


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Emily helped me identify and clearly communicate the most important aspects of doing what I love.

"I hired Emily to help me draft the seemingly disparate parts of my personal and professional life into a cohesive narrative for my website. Emily is a very talented big picture thinker. She helped me identify and clearly communicate the most important components of doing what I love."

-Christianna Gozzi, Christy The Baker.


Having Emily's support and weekly accountability has been essential for me to get the ball rolling.

"What a difference working with Emily has made! I had hit a major wall and was feeling very stuck and unmotivated to move things along with my new business. Having Emily's support and weekly accountability has been essential for me to get the ball rolling. I leave every call with a renewed sense of purpose. She has become a trusted friend and invaluable resource."  

-Emily Gerger, The Cooking Habit

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Your guidance helped me organize my business goals and make them less intimidating...

"During our sessions, we were able to create a more focused voice and vision for my business. Your guidance helped me organize my business goals and make them less intimidating, and the copy you wrote is succinct, with just enough character and familiarity to sound warm and genuine. Thank you so much!"

-Erin Emmett, Sweet Pistachio Patisserie

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I had been banging my head against a wall, and now things are so much clearer. 

“A lot of noise has been filtered out. I had been banging my head against a wall, and now things are so much clearer.”

-Kalindi Bakshi, Sattva Pure Plant Power


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Thank you for...guiding me in all the right ways.

"Thank you again for being such a great listener and for guiding me in all the right ways."

-Matt Swanston, Gooey & Co.